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I’m Peter, founder and owner of Thrive for Life Chiropractic. I created Thrive for Life Chiropractic as an avenue for me to express my passion for helping people experience a greater level of health and vitality so they can have more energy and freedom to achieve their goals and live in alignment with their highest values and purpose.

Health means different things to different people. After years of work and research in the health field, here's what it has come to mean for me...

Health is an expression of dynamic coherence.

I realise that might be quite different from the way you would describe health, so let’s unpack it a little and see if it starts to resonate.

Thanks to the work of some of the brightest physicists over the years (eg. Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Nassim Haramein... to name a few), it has become well-established that everything in our universe is a form of energy (i.e. it has properties of vibration, frequency, tone, etc. — just like the music you listen to each day). So, our universe is in fact like a massive, highly-complex orchestra (uni = one; verse = song), and your body-mind is a small piece of that orchestra (like a fractal pattern). A "healthy" orchestra is dynamic, or adaptable (i.e. it can play various speeds, moods, volumes, etc.), and it is coherent (i.e. all the instruments play in time, in tune and in harmony with each other). Likewise, a healthy human has these same characteristics — moment-to-moment, in response to (and as part of) our ever-changing environment, their entire body-mind seamlessly adapts in a unified, harmonious (i.e. coherent) state of wholeness. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, they respond resourcefully to stress — they learn, grow and evolve from it — rather than storing it as tension or disharmony in their body-mind. Sounds like a pretty nice way to be, right?

Disease, in contrast, is an expression of static incoherence.

Disease develops when your body-mind gets "stuck" in a state of disharmony. We can get stuck in all kinds of different ways — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually... in jobs, relationships, finances, habits... Sometimes we're able to get unstuck on our own; other times we need help.

A well-tuned orchestra playing the symphony of life is a beautiful thing. My goal is to help you get unstuck and tune your orchestra so that you can live the life you want to live and express more of your innate beauty… more energy, love, joy, peace, freedom, purpose… more life!

My passion and skills are in helping people achieve this kind of health. That's my vision for you.

Welcome to Thrive for Life Chiropractic! 🙂

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Chiropractic Care

Kinesiology is a great tool for assessing and "tuning up" specific aspects of your body-mind and bio-energetic system. (Recommended for specific, short-term goals.)

BGI is a holistic approach that is great for identifying and releasing stuck energy, tension or stress in your body-mind and bio-energetic system that is holding you back from being your best. (Recommended for long-term well-being and full life expression.)


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Consent to Be Examined
In order to provide you with our best recommendations, a thorough physical examination must be performed. This may include the following:
physical palpationpostural analysisspinal flexibility assessmentfunctional leg length analysisbalance assessmentmeasurement of height, weight and - waist circumferencegrip strengthheart rate variability (HRV) via electrocardiograph (ECG)manual muscle testing (kinesiology)other procedures that your chiropractor considers to be clinically relevant
Consent to Receive Care
The intention of the care provided at Thrive for Life Chiropractic is to assist the release of stored energy that is causing tension and disharmony in your body-mind so that this energy can be integrated and used constructively for healing and growth. Our primary strategy for achieving this is by applying gentle chiropractic adjustments to specific points on your body based on our analysis.

We expect positive outcomes for your life and wellbeing as a result of the care we recommend (otherwise we wouldn't recommend it!); however, it is important to understand that the care we provide is not intended to treat or cure any specific condition(s). Our working premise is simply that when there is balance and harmony in your body-mind, life becomes better. That is our goal for you.

Given that each person is unique, the exact outcomes experienced (and the journey toward those outcomes) is likely to vary between individuals.

Common outcomes include:
more energyimproved sleepenhanced sense of wellbeingincreased emotional clarity and/or calmnessgreater adaptabilityincreased strengthbetter balanceimproved postureincreased mobilitygreater awareness of your bodyless pain
However, there may be times when you feel worse. For example:
muscle and/or joint sorenessexacerbation or aggravation of symptomschange in location of symptomsemotional release (eg. sadness, fear, anger, etc.)light-headedtirednausea and/or vomitingdiarrhoearashfever or chillsdizziness
There may also be changes that take place outside of your conscious awareness.

Thrive for Life Chiropractic is for those who trust the innate wisdom and intelligence of their body and the natural healing process, or for those who would like to develop that trust.

Tune In to Your Healing Potential

What is healing? What drives the healing process? What is the source of healing? Have you ever stopped to ponder questions such as these? My experience suggests that most people haven’t, but if you want to heal and be healthy, I think they’re pretty fundamental questions to consider. Here are some of my current thoughts...

First of all, while it may be difficult to fully comprehend or understand exactly what ‘life’ is, simple observation would suggest that it is the source of healing. For example, if you get a cut on your hand while you’re alive, it heals. If a dead body gets a cut, however, it doesn’t heal — even with the best medical intervention in the world — dead bodies don’t heal. Medicine doesn’t heal. Life heals.

So if health and healing come from life, how do we express more life (and therefore more health)? Based on the number of medications people take each day, it would seem as though many people equate health with having no symptoms. I think this belief is misguided, however. Sure, symptoms can be a sign of poor health, but they can also be a sign of good health. For example, if you breathe in some dust, you might cough or sneeze; if you ingest something poisonous you might vomit or get diarrhoea; if you’re over-exerting yourself, you might feel tired. Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhoea, tiredness are all symptoms, but they’re all healthy, intelligent responses to these particular scenarios. So, symptoms can give us helpful information, but they’re not necessarily an accurate indicator of health.

Health, in my opinion, is better understood and defined when you understand that we are electromagnetic in nature — we are beings of vibration. I might address this concept more thoroughly in another post one day, but for now, it’s enough to know that everything in the universe vibrates — our atoms, molecules, cells, organs, etc. all vibrate. In that sense, our bodies are a lot like an orchestra — each instrument creates vibrations in a range of frequencies. The interaction of those frequencies determines the quality of the sound we hear. A “healthy” orchestra is both coherent and adaptable. All the parts work together as a unified whole — they are in tune with each other, they resonate in harmony with each other, they are coherent. Whilst maintaining this coherence, they are also able to adapt to the changing dynamics of the song (or in our case, the changing dynamics of everyday life).

In summary, life is the source of health and healing, and life is expressed most abundantly when your entire being is able to adapt to its ever-changing environment whilst maintaining complete coherence and harmony. My mission is to help people make this a reality… to increase coherence, adaptability and expression of life… to help people heal from chronic illness and tune in to their full potential.

5 Steps to Better Sleep

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’ll know that the quality of your sleep impacts every aspect of your life, not least your health. If you’re trying to overcome chronic illness, good sleep is crucial. Here are five free things you can do to naturally improve the quality of your sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready for the day ahead!

1. Start Your Day with Sunshine
The first step to a good night is to start with a good morning. When light enters your eyes and hits your skin, your brain perceives that it is daytime. As a result, your body starts to produce serotonin, a “feel-good” hormone that helps you feel energised for the day ahead. At the end of the day, serotonin gets converted into melatonin, a different hormone that you need for a good night’s sleep. So, make sure you get your serotonin production started each morning with some natural sunlight (or if you’re up before the sun, get outside and grab some when it arrives)!

2. End Your Day with Darkness
In order to produce melatonin — that all-important sleep hormone — you need darkness. Nature provides this for us when the sun goes down, but thanks to modern technology our days don’t stop when the sun suggests they should. We’ve made it all too easy to ignore nature’s rhythms and simply switch the lights on. Even worse, the LED lights in your computer screen, smartphone, tablet and TV that you probably continue to stare at after sunset produce light that is mostly in the blue spectrum. This is a problem for your sleep quality because blue light is particularly detrimental to melatonin production. The solution: reduce your exposure to artificial lighting as much as possible after sunset and avoid screens for at least two hours before you want to sleep. If you’re not ready to spend your evenings reading by candlelight, you can “hack” your lighting by making it red. Red light is far less detrimental to your melatonin production compared to blue light, so investing in a red night light or some blue-blocking glasses could be helpful. Also, some screen-based devices can be adjusted in the ‘settings’ menu to reduce the amount of blue light they emit, or you can use apps such as f.lux and Iris for further customisation.

3. Avoid Stimulants
Are you one of the countless people who start their day with a cup of coffee? Whether you drink coffee for enjoyment or you use it to keep awake and alert during the day, there’s a good chance it’s damaging your sleep, regardless of the time of day you drink it. Unless you have an unusually fast metabolism, it will take your body more than 24 hours to completely metabolise a hit of caffeine. So, even though you might not feel the same “buzz” after a few hours, that cup of coffee you had in the morning will still be influencing your physiology when you want to go to sleep. And, if you’re having caffeine daily, there’ll most likely be some caffeine left in your system from the previous day, so it gradually accumulates over time. Energy drinks create the same problem – in fact, they often have an even stronger effect than coffee. So if you’re struggling to get some shut-eye and you value your sleep, it’s best to lay off the caffeine and other stimulants.

4. Minimise Exposure to Non-Native Electromagnetic Frequencies (nnEMFs)
Non-Native EMFs are essentially the electromagnetic radiation that is produced by all of our electronic devices. Many people report that their sleep improves when they take steps to reduce their EMF exposure, especially during the night. There are many ways to do this – some requiring more effort than others – but here are a few simple steps to get you started. Switch off your wi-fi router at night. A timer on the powerpoint can make this easier — just set and forget. Switch your phone to aeroplane mode, especially if you keep it in your bedroom during the night. Switch off powerpoints that aren’t in use. For a thorough assessment of the nnEMFs present in your environment, you may wish to consult a building biologist.

5. Parasympathetic (Relaxation) Breathing
If you’re having trouble sleeping, there’s a good chance your body-mind is “stuck” in a state of stress. Have you noticed that your breathing pattern differs when you’re relaxed versus when you’re stressed? This is because your stress response and your breathing are both regulated by your autonomic nervous system (ANS). There are two divisions to your ANS — sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic division up-regulates physiological processes associated with stress. In contrast, the parasympathetic division up-regulates physiological processes associated with rest, relaxation and healing. Why is this important? Well, breathing in is under sympathetic control and breathing out is under parasympathetic control. So, you can increase parasympathetic activity (which is what you want at night in order to sleep) by increasing the amount of time you spend exhaling relative to the time you spend inhaling (i.e. breathe in quickly and out slowly). For example, breathe in for 3 seconds, then out for 6 seconds. Doing this for a few minutes before bed each night can help create calm and relaxation in your body-mind and set you up for a good night’s sleep. (Be sure to take it easy to start with, find a relaxed rhythm that works for you, and don’t continue if you start to feel dizzy or light-headed.)

Remember that improving your health is all about habits, so if you don’t notice any difference immediately, don’t lose heart. Keep persisting with your new healthy habits and you’ll soon be enjoying the rewards!

Real Food for Real Health

It seems to me that there’s a fair bit of confusion around what kinds of foods humans should eat to support their health — just look at the countless number of different diet books that have been published over the years! In my experience, confusion around health tends to arise when we remove ourselves too far from the natural world. I’ve never seen a wild animal on a diet. Have you? Yet, wild animals are generally much healthier and suffer far less from chronic illness as compared to us domesticated humans. There are many other ways in which wild animals are more in tune with nature than we are, but I've no doubt their natural diet plays a significant role in their wellbeing. Admittedly, I’m no expert on animal behaviour, but when I do observe animals in the wild, they simply seem to find food that they can eat and then they eat it. It doesn’t usually appear to be a particularly complicated or confusing process. What makes it complicated for us is that we’ve disconnected our food from nature. We process and preserve it to the point where it has a completely different nutritional profile compared to its natural state, and we ship it all over the world so that we can get whatever we want whenever we want. While this is great for variety and convenience, it’s not so great for keeping our biology in sync with the natural rhythms of the planet, and these rhythms have a significant influence on our health. All these unnatural choices lead to confusion — choices that we simply wouldn’t have to make if we were living in the wild. If you’re in the wild, there’s no such thing as ‘health food’ or ‘junk food’ — there’s just food — and that food provides your body-mind and microbiome with information about the local environment you’re living in. Everything is designed to be connected. Connection is natural, just as health is natural. When your mind, body and environment are connected, health results. When you artificially create disconnection, disease results.

In summary, when you do your grocery shopping, aim for a large variety of real food that is locally grown and in season. Food doesn’t need to be as complicated as we’ve made it, and neither does your health.

Finally, remember that your state of mind is just as important to your health as the food you eat, so try not to let your food become a source of guilt or shame. Whatever you choose to eat, be grateful for it and ENJOY it! :)

Are You Getting Health Care or Sick Care?

How do you tell if your health is improving?

The answer might seem obvious at first, but to be honest, I wrestled with this question for many years as a health care provider. I wanted to be certain that I was in fact providing health care, not just sick care.

It's easy to change someone's symptoms -- that's sick care. Before I knew any better, I used paracetamol for 20 years to ease my headaches. It changed my symptoms, but it didn't improve my health -- it just made me less aware of my body's signals.

Whether it be through drugs, surgery, herbs, supplements, massage, back cracking, exercise or any other form of intervention out there, I didn't want to be merely shifting my patients' symptoms around, thinking their health was improving, while in reality, it was declining behind the smokescreen.

I attended seminar after seminar and spoke to countless health "experts", but even in the "natural health" space, much of what I found was just a more-natural version of sick care than the pharmaceutical version I was already familiar with. Finally, my search led me to a unique style of chiropractic care called 'Tonal Chiropractic' and then into the world of quantum physics. It was here that I found the answers I was looking for.

Quantum physics has revealed to us that everything in our universe is a form of energy and that the reality we experience is based on the vibrational, tonal quality of that energy. In other words, the universe -- including your body -- is like a highly-complex orchestra.

As I studied the nature of reality and applied the universal principles of quantum physics to health, it became clear to me that true health is expressed when the energy of your body-mind is vibrating in harmony with itself and its environment -- like a well-tuned orchestra.

The journey was long, but worth the effort. Now I can apply this knowledge and understanding through Tonal Chiropractic Care to "tune" my patients so they express more harmony and truly overcome their health problems by genuinely improving their health, not just altering their symptoms.

If this approach resonates with you and you'd like to experience it for yourself, simply book an obligation-free Discovery Call to get started.